We hear it every day – patients asking about what cosmetic treatments can help their submental fullness, otherwise known as that annoying double chin.  In fact, it’s one of the most commokybellaBA4-2n questions we receive.  That one area receives so much attention because it really makes a huge difference in one’s appearance – even a slight double chin can add 10-15 years to our appearance, and even worse, it can make us look 20 pounds heavier.

Until now, there was really nothing short of surgery that could correct that area.   We are thrilled to introduce KYBELLA, an innovative new injectible treatment that literally DESTROYS fat in the submental region.  The results are astounding – it’s like watching the clock turn back in time.

THE DERMATOLOGY GROUP is one of the first practices in the area to offer this treatment.  “We offer virtually every wrinkle treatments and dermal filler to address every facial concern, but until now, we weren’t able to treat the entire picture.  By correcting even the slightest double chin fat pocket, our patients are now truly seeing remarkable results,” reports Dr. Robert Nossa, The Derm Group’s Director of Cosmetic and Laser Services.

Both men and women can benefit from this treatment.  Because it’s literally destroying the fat cells, re-treatment is not expected.  After your treatment is complete (which can sometimes take two or three sessions), you generally will not have to repeat the procedure.

Call us now to schedule your Kybella treatment.  Adios double chin!


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