Atopic Dermatitis OXFORAD™ Study

The Derm Group

SC Injection Therapy

Do you meet these requirements?

  • Males and females
  • Ages 18 years or older
  • With moderate-to-severe AD whose disease cannot be adequately controlled with topical medications or for whom topical treatment is medically inadvisable (eg., intolerance, other important side effects or safety risks in the opinion of the Investigator)

32 visits, 70 weeks, $50 per visit

The Derm Group Location: Verona, NJ

For more information, call 1-(973)571-2121 ext. 5920 or email

The medication, procedures, and all study visits are provided without financial costs to you.  No insurance coverage is required.  All enrolled participants will be compensated for their time and travel at the completion of the study.

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