Chronic Pruritis

Oral Therapy: NK1- R antagonist administered orally

Clinical Research Study investigating oral medication for chronic itch with no clear cause.

Do you meet the requirements?

  1. Male or female, age 18 years or older
  2. Do you suffer from chronic itch?
  3. Are you itchy for no specific reason?
  4. Willing and able to visit the study site for a total of 7 times?

How many doctor visits are there in the study?

There will be 7 visits in the duration of 18 weeks. The medication, procedures, and all study visits are provided without any financial costs to you.  No insurance coverage is required.  All enrolled participants will be compensated for their time and travel at the completion of the study.

The Derm Group: Morristown, NJ

For more information call 973-571-2121 ext 5751 or email

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