VITILIGO (Oral JAK inhibitor)

The Derm Group


Men or women aged 18 to 75 years.

Clinical diagnosis of nonsegmental vitiligo, with depigmented areas including:

  • T-BSA ≥ 8%, and
  • T-VASI ≥ 8, and
  • F-BSA ≥ 0.5%, and
  • F-VASI ≥ 0.5

History of prior vitiligo treatment with a total duration of at least 3 months

60 weeks (around 14 months), with up to a maximum of 16 visits to the Study Site (approximately every 4 weeks)

Travel reimbursement: $65 per clinic visit

The Derm Group Location: Verona, NJ

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 1-(973)571-2121 EXT. 5920, EMAIL [email protected], OR FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.

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